A message from Antoine Hauville - Executive Vice President & COO

Bienvenue, Welcome,

Bonjour, Hello,

India, North America, China, Germany, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Tunisia, South Africa, Great Britain, almost 20 nations are represented and the Hauville family would like to thank everyone for putting their safety in the hands of Erlab.

The Journey

What a journey it has been for all of us here at Erlab. A journey that began in 1968 from the mind & imagination of its creators and founders Francois Hauville & co-founder Marie Hauville.

In the beginning

50 years ago, François Hauville, my father, had a vision. He believed that you could protect laboratory technicians from harmful chemicals by using carbon filters to capture chemical vapors at the source instead of releasing it all to the atmosphere as it had been done traditionally for hundreds of years. As a result, Erlab was the first company to have dared to challenge the status quo and the first company to invent the a fully autonomous ductless filtration laboratory fume hood. A few years later, a full line of ductless filtered safety enclosures was introduced to the world and a new market was born.

The Impossible, I am interested

Challenging the status-quo has always been at the core of Erlab’s company culture because, as François Pierre Hauville liked to say, “l’impossible m’intéresse”. In French this means “the impossible, I am interested”. It is that very-state-of-mind which has allowed Erlab to challenge tradition and all those who would say that it could not be done.

François Pierre Hauville taught us that size does not matter and that with a strong will you can move mountains. This is why Erlab quickly opened its own branches in Germany and the United States as early as the 80’s, in south East Asia and Malaysia in the 90’s and finally in Spain & China in early 2000 so that we could better serve our customers & distributors around the globe.

Throughout the years the world has become Erlab’s true home and with it the richness brought by the cultures of our 200 team members worldwide. It is that cultural diversity which has further strengthened Erlab’s capabilities to innovate which, in turn, has allowed us to stay the industry leader for 5 decades.

The innovative spirit lives on

It is also that multi-cultural diversity which has allowed Erlab to keep on captivating the laboratory world with new and innovative products which are still today and for evermore challenging tradition and the status-quo. Even though François Pierre Hauville, Erlab ‘s founder, inventor and visionary passed away in 2011 his spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship lives on through all of us around the globe.

Erlab is a place we call home, a place where imagination and ideas take shape every day to become a reality, a place where we dare to live our dreams.