50 years of protecting laboratory personnel

Five decades of protection, innovation, and steadfast business philosophies

“Erlab reaches a milestone this year, celebrating 50 years of inventing, engineering, and manufacturing chemical filtration products to protect laboratory personnel from breathing harmful chemicals. Safety was the motivation and founding spirit of Francois P. Hauville in 1968 when he invented and introduced the first ductless filtering fume hood to the industry. Now, 50 years later, Erlab has manufacturing and sales locations around the globe. The Erlab philosophy is focused on the safety of all laboratory personnel with commitment to continuous improvements of chemical filtration products that are used in analytical, educational, medical, and research laboratories around the globe, and are passionate about innovation. Erlab’s ability to consistently innovate and deliver new products to these industries has allowed the company to consistently grow over the past 50 years, and a promising future for the next 50 years.”
Yours faithfully,
The Hauville Family – Erlab owners

Celebrating this special milestone

On June 18th, Erlab employees, customers, and business partners gathered at the company’s headquarters in Val de Reuil, France for a hands-on experience of memories through the decades, a tour of the manufacturing facility, and gala dinner at the historic Chateau D’Argeronne in Normandy, France.

A message from Stephane & Antoine Hauville